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Who will buy my Connecticut house fast and pay a fair price?

 I will buy your house in Connecticut that you want to sell quickly. There are no Realtor fees and I pay all closing costs. You close on a date of your choosing. When I buy your property, you have a guaranteed sale and you have it now, and in writing. Compare that with selling through a realtor. Even in the best case scenario, with everything going as planned, it may take 3 to 6 months from start to finish to sell a property with a realtor. In reality, it's often closer to 8 months and taking longer with each passing week. A Realtor also cannot guarantee that the property will sell at the price you listed it at or sell at all.

Our offers are guaranteed. When we make an offer, that’s the price we’ll pay. We’ve heard horror stories from clients of other less experienced home buyers or the tech giants making an attractive offer only to reduce their offer days later or back out of the deal.  We’re local. We know the area well and can offer an accurate and fair price rather than an auto generated number.

With that being said we look forward to working with you.